Thursday, 20 November 2008


I would like to share some of the delightful things that Pickle comes out with....

Pickle: Mummy??
Me : Yes Pickle?
Pickle: My nose is jammed up..Listen .......(silence)
Me: Jammed up!!

Pickle eating Mini Weetabix for Breakfast.
Pickle : EEEEW, there's sneezebits on my nightie!

Pickle: MUM! Picklesister hit me!
Me: I'm sure she did it by accident.
Pickle : NO, she didn't. She did it BY FAULT!

I get the feeling there could be many more of these!

Sunday, 9 November 2008


I would like to wish Picklesgrandma, my Mum
A very Happy 60th Birthday!

Thanks Mum for EVERYTHING you do for me and 'The Pickle's', we all appreciate it and love you very much.

Have a wonderful Birthday week, and send our love to Cliff when you see him at Wembly!

Enjoy the rest of the birthday cake!


This year our village didn't have any fireworks of their own. Usually the Primary School has a display on the school field, but this year they were unable to as they were 'inbetween' PTA commitees.
Picklesdad, being a fan of fireworks wanted to go somewhere like Long Melford, where they have a huge display, to music and would cost £20 for us to get in!
I, hating fireworks wanted to go as near to home (and my terrified animals) and as cheap as possible.
The result - ?

Beyton Firework Display, in a dark field! YEY!

Pretty cool photo from my compact camera on its 'Firework' setting though.