Wednesday, 18 March 2009

"She was a skater cat...."

I fear Pickle has been inspired by This is Sapphire our oldest lady cat, after Pickle has given her a make over.

Needless to say Sapphire was not amused!

Monday, 9 March 2009

The Rebirth of The Cattle Market

On Sunday the Pickles went to check out the new shopping centre in Bury St Edmunds. It has been a LONG time coming and we have not been feeling too positive about what the architects have done to this part of Bury. We approached the site from Waitrose car park, so didn't have the best view of it as the rear of Debenhams leaves you feeling like you are about to be abducted by a large alien spacecraft.

However once in the main square of the CATTLE MARKET I began to feel more positive, it actually didn't look as bad as I had imagined. The fronts of the shops look fine, it is the grey wood above them that is the problem.

After our visit we went to 'Old Bury' through a dingy walkway which looked far worse than it
used to after being in the shiny 'new' Bury.

After seeing a gentleman in costume we went to check out the museum in Moyses Hall which was having a free entry heritage day. Picklesister has wanted to go in here for ages, so she was happy. Pickle was considerably less happy, as upstairs there were 'models' or 'mannequins' of some soldiers which terrified her to the point of screaming hysterics and we had to make a hasty exit.

Moyses Hall Regiment Gallery