Wednesday, 5 August 2009

You Only Get One Chance To Make a First Impression!

I lived in Bury itself for 28 years until we moved to a village a few miles away. I still regularly visit Bury as my parents still live there. As I do not drive we usually go by train or bus as many visitors to Bury do to.

Recently I have started to notice how shabby some of the areas are on the way into town from the train station, so to the MAJOR embarrassment of Pickle, Picklesister and Picklesgrandma I decided to photograph some of the highlights and am asking if there is anything that can be done to improve this first impression that visitors get when arriving in Bury St Edmunds.

This is the view from the platform at Bury Station where a little weed killer is called for.

On leaving the station itself you are sometimes met with a line of taxis and a bus stop but no sign posts to know which way the town centre is for those wishing to walk.

It seems the most popular route is across the road and up the muddy hill and through the 'Kids Play' car park as there is so defined pathway!

Past the remains of last nights kebab.

Past the remains of Rollerbury!

Past the Toyota Garage, where I'm sure there used to be a river of some sort, now just stinging nettles.

Past the Gas Holder - never get permission to build THAT there these days!

Almost there, just a very large pile of Domino's Pizza crates to pass.

With so much time and money being spent on regenerating the centre of Bury, is it time to look a little further out and make that first impression as good as the rest of Bury St Edmunds?