Monday, 26 November 2007

From Picklesmum

Sorry I've not been blogging lately, my faith in the whole business has been shattered by some comments I have received.
I am reviewing how and IF I carry on with the blog.
Missing you all and hope I can sort it out soon.

Love Picklesmum.


MarkG said...

Hi PM,
Hope that you do return to blogging again. No idea what happened, but perhaps you could start an exclusive members only PickleBlog ?

Hoffy said...

Hi PM - What on earth happened? E-mail me off site or tel 07887 711333. Please don't go! Hoffy.

Melitsa said...

Miss seeing your posts.

Patricia said...

Dear PM I don't know what's happened but I am so sorry - what ever it is! You are missed - as well as Ruby - who also doesn't seem to be blogging any more lately. I hope you bloggers know how much we enjoy reading your blogs. I hope a few mean people don't spoil it for all of us who get a lift in our days reading your blogs - always a little chuckle too ! Please come back !!

Florries mum said...

Hi PM, Bury Boy here.

I hope you can find a way back to blogging, the stories of picklesister, pickle, and of course you from the villages were always such a cheer.

There are so few sites which help some of us appricate the joys and adventures of raising a young family. and of course the impact certain decisions have on there education.

Bury, the villages, and the local bloggers are a strong community. All in not so bad in our part of the world.

Magic Cochin said...

So sorry something/someone has spoilt things for you and your blog. I've enjoyed dropping by to see what's going on in another corner of Suffolk.

Keep cheery!!!

Paul F said...

I'm amazed that you should receive comments that make you think of stopping blogging. I thought that only happened to politicians - who, unlike you, are fair game.

Even if you have a posting holiday your amusing and refreshing comments are still very welcome.

Bloggers unite!

Florries mum said...

Really sorry to hear this PM, you obviously got a lot of enjoyment from posting as well as giving it to us . Hope the new boots cheered you up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi PM,

I miss reading your blog also, but try not to let the B...ds grind ya down ok :) I didn't see the "said" comments, but I bet they didn't leave a "posted by" tag? Chin up and hope to see you back posting soon. pog.x

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Picklesmum - I'm relieved to see that after a few days of finding a missing blog, that you are back, even if it is to muse over continuing.

Please do continue, if you want to chat about stuff don't hesitate to email me...

Miss you and hope to see you soon...;-D

Ruby in Bury said...

Come back soon Picklesmum xxxx

Love as always Rubes.