Monday, 12 May 2008

Poorly Pickle

No time to blog recently as I have a poorly Pickle to deal with. She has had a temperature of up to 39.4 degrees since Thursday night.
A visit to the GP informed us she had a viral upper respiratory infection (?)
A visit to Suffolk Doctors on call last night resulted in some antibiotics which 10% of people allergic to penicillin are also allergic to.
Pickle is allergic to Penicillin and another type of antibiotic, so this does not bode well.
We found it amazing that in the whole of the West Suffolk Hospital this was the best they could offer. Surely such an allergy is not that rare that they should stock more than 2 types of antibiotic.

So far so good though, no troubling signs of allergy.
Fingers crossed!


Florries Mum said...

Hope Pickle is better now. I quite agree about the range of antibiotics available . Unless they had had a run on the type given to penicillin-allergic people already that day they should have more available. Could be worth a letter to your Primary Care Trust.

Emma Jayne said...

poor ickle pickle, i hope she is better soon, shame on that hospital for nto stocking an alternative for her! x

picklesmum said...

Thanks everyone. Touch wood, anti biotics have done the trick and ickle pickle is a well Pickle again! HURRAH!
Also we now know another anti biotic that works ok.
Not as bad as time we went to Doctors on Call in Stowmarket (I know bad idea) and they didn't even have the 'thingy' to look inside a patients ear with. BAD BAD Stowmarket!

a.n.other said...

Hope your little Darling is all better now......soon be half term, and a well deserved rest for all the little one's who have gone up to big school recently, they will all enjoy the break.

Hoffy Swims said...

PM - Hope Pickle is feeling better. Suffolk Doctors on call I find are not very good. I was bent over double in 2005 and was sent home with pain killers. Next day I was back with appendicitis! Unfortunately, they ship people in from all over Europe to work for long shifts then send them home again! That's our NHS for you!

Picklessister said...

I'm allergic 2 pellican cillian or whatever it is called 2! Poor Pickle.