Thursday, 9 April 2009

A long day....

For Pickle's 6th birthday we spent the day in Cambridge, mainly in Build a Bear in the lovely Grand Arcade (how a shopping Centre SHOULD be built) but we did find time to admire these beautiful flowers. We were supposed to be going to the Cinema there but due to an ever crashing sat-nav we were unable to find it, so we came back to Bury and watched Monsters Vs Aliens there instead. Afterwards we had dinner at Frankie and Benny's then decided to go for a walk into town to see The Cattle Market in the dark!

It has been a few (many) years since I have walked through Bury at night, but we were surprised at the amount of rubbish on the streets. I appreciate that it was after a market day but the rubbish we saw was not created directly from the market itself, it was mainly take away drink and food containers. Another shock for the time of night were the 'gangs' of young lads either riding skateboards at full pelt through the Cattle Market, swearing at the tops of their barely broken voices or speeding around the Buttermarket in their clapped out old fiesta, shouting at everyone from their windows. This used to be 'expected' at 11pm when the pubs were closing but at 8.30pm?
We were aware that there were absolutely no Police anywhere to be seen in the town centre during our time there and I am curious to know if this is normal or if they were all called upon to prepare for the Queens visit the next day. If it was the latter it is sad to think regular people have to suffer just because of an hour or so's visit to the town by an old lady.
I bet the Queen only saw the shiny sparkling Angel Hill area of Bury and was spared the shambles the rest of the town had become in preparation for her visit.

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grumpyoldwoman said...

Re Madges visit. I am willing to bet that she is sick of the smell of new paint and being cow-towed to. Perhaps she should have come a day early and had a 'proper' tour of the town. Maybe a Gary-boy could have taken on the route around the town centre, cutting up drivers who were actually going somewhere and mowing down innocent pedestrians. Her visit caused me lots of problems in my job and I think that people should remember that she is a carbon-based life form just like the rest of us and not God!