Tuesday, 11 March 2008


After a slightly blustery day than usual yesterday, I was amazed by the extensive coverage on our local news bulletin Look East.

I appreciate that SOME areas of the country have suffered dreadful flood damage (again) and structual damage caused by fallen trees etc, but around here it really hasn't been that bad.

Look East featured an elderly couple who were without power, he was trying to read a newspaper in a darkened room and she was sewing. If they had opened the curtains in the room, they would have found it easier I'll bet.

However this morning I am thinking of calling out Look East myself, as imagine my horror when looking out inyo my garden this morning I discovered this!

Yes my watering can had moved from here (you can clearly see the space it was in)

to here!

Seriously though I hope everyone in blog land is safe and well during this freaky weather we are having.


Have just seen tomorrows weather forecast and I will probably be hit by a falling tree as payback for mocking Look East!


Magic Cochin said...

Look East can make a drama out of anything!!! But it was a tad breezy - found the wheelie bin had been blown across the drive - it might be on the telly tonight ;)

Celia (in the SW corner of Suffolk)

grumpyoldwoman said...

Everyone elses bin blew over in my Close but I stuck mine behind a tall hedge - so I only had to pick up everyone elses rubbish and not my own!

Rosie said...

Us Brits do get obsessed with the weather don't we? No wonder Look East got over-excited about the whole thing! Last night I was thinking the same as you - there's a bit of rain but it's hardly a storm, this morning we nearly got blown over on the way to school!! Payback!

Kate said...

Your comments are nothing in comparison to the major hoohah that we had about the "hurricane" in England the other week. You would have thought that all hell had broken loose, never mind Look East, every National TV news bulletin had their own 'Pinky and Perky' doing their bit for the nation - they were interviewing anyone and everyone who had heard or knew someone who had heard "the hurricane" . If something really dreadful was to happen... they would all go off their heads ! Kate x.
(someone who has actually been at sea during which we had a hurricane chasing us, the boat ended up being 10 hours late in arrival. Now that was really something, imagine being on a boat in the middle of the North Sea when that was happening )!