Monday, 24 March 2008

Who's that sleeping in...........


It is not Picklessister because she is away at Brownie camp for 3 days!

Luckily it is not 'camp' as in tents but staying in a village hall, just 2 villages away from home. Pickle was very sad that Picklessister would not be home all over Easter, well sad for all of the 2 seconds it took her to work out that she could now sleep in her sister's bed!

Back to her own bed tonight as Picklessister returns home!


Florries Mum said...

Is she still in there? What is it about sleeping in someone elses bed? I was the same with my sisters at her age.

picklesmum said...

No, FM she's back in her own bed now. They are terrible if Picklesdad goes away for work, I am sent to Picklesisters bed and they take ours. Did the same when I met Ruby etc for drinks last year and had to stay with my Mum and Dad!