Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Letters from School

In Pickle's book bag today were 2 letters from the school.

Letter 1: On December 11th it is School Christmas Lunch. Fill in form and return ASAP if Pickle wants it. She does NOT. Why so early? So they can get the sprouts on the boil now I guess?

Letter 2 : On December 18th it is Christmas Party Day. Fill in form and return ASAP if Pickle wants special 'Party Packed Lunch' costing £2.70. She is not getting one at that price even if she did want one - which she doesn't. Where are they getting this lunch from - Harrods?

So I wasn't over zealous in my counting the days till Christmas post after all.


grumpyoldwoman said...

We have received two letters at work asking us to book NOW for our company xmas dinner. We dont have a company xmas dinner - there arent enough of us. WE have received a letter asking us to buy our charity xmas cards NOW - a lovely example included with a jolly santa on it - I shredded it!

Ruby said...

I haven't seen anything Christmassy yet this year - thank goodness! Apart from the Christmas Shop in York of course, but that's open all year round selling Christmas stuff. I'd hate to work there - imagine how confusing it would be in the middle of June. Or even worse, in January. Never ending Christmas, aaaargh!