Friday, 12 September 2008

The tagging....

Thanks again, to 21st Century Mummy who tagged me for this. Last night went relatively peacefully, although Picklessister did shout in the middle of the night that her friend was stealing her homework and later on something about changing rooms. Just a normal event in the house of a sleepwalking/talking child!

  1. Where was I 10 years ago?
I was still a relatively new Mum to a 7 month old baby who was crawling all over the house. It was a whole new stage, I had only just got used to having a small person in the house when she started to move independently.We still lived in Bury itself in those days, and I was still only 26. Sigh!

2. What's on my to do list today?

Clean out the rabbit hutch, it’s that time of year again and he is moulting.

Order that Russell Brand calendar off ebay before they all go ( I’m not the only one I’m sure)

Find the missing remote control (probably involving taking the sofas to pieces, wouldn’t be the first time)

Tidy the Lego away, because no matter what anyone says they haven’t played with it in bloody ages and I am fed up standing on it. OUCH!

Prepare myself for Picklessister’s apple crumble she made at school.

Homework, Homework and more homework. Pickle (at year 1 primary school) appears to be getting more homework than her sister (Year 6 at middle school)

3. What if I was a billionaire?

I would buy my children a house each because they are never going to afford one of their own and will be living with us FOREVER if I don’t.

Ensure that my parents had enough money to retire happily to Cromer.

Set up animal homes for mistreated animals of all shapes and sizes.

4. Five places I have lived

Um....Bury, Bury, Bury and here! I know that’s only 4 but that’s it, for now!

5. Snacks I like

Those Indian snacky bits out of Bombay mix that aren’t nut, lentils, peas or whatnot.
The kid’s Dairylea cheesy dipper things
Crisps – any sort
Toast and Marmite

6. 3 bad habits

Sometimes still biting my nails, even though I have given up
Not shutting drawers properly, just leaving them about 1cm open
Buying too many 'bargains' on ebay but not selling enough of my own.

7. Who am I tagging?

Karan at - hope you don't mind me intruding on your blog!

Ruby at - to prove you do still exist!

Hoffy at - If he isn’t too busy swimming the blooming English Channel, again!


Karen said...

LOL - How did the applecrumble go? I'm worried, haven't heard from you since.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I did this one yesterday too. Fun. I would get houses for my kids too, I'm nicking that one. :D