Monday, 6 October 2008

Look what we have!

Not one but 2 (count them!) lovely tetra pak, recycling bins. No more will my garage be overrun with bags of tetra paks, awaiting a trip by car to Bury Recycling Centre!

Today I took about a third of the tetra paks I had waiting in my garage, I estimate there were 21, OK I admit it, I counted them in! So by the end of the week the garage should have a teeny bit more space in.

We are very lucky to have these bins as they are the first of their kind in the area, so for once..


Fot those of you not lucky enough to have such lovely bins, go to


Ruby said...

Wow! I've never seen tetra pak recycling bins, except at the main dump. A brilliant leap forward there. Wish they'd get some round here.

Sal said...

We have these in a local car park and its fab, I hadn't realised how many tetra paks I threw away until I started collecting them up to recycle. Only one problem, it doesn't occur to some people to squash their cartons flat so they get full really quick!

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