Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I have tried....

Ok, I have done my bit to educate my daughters in the world changing events taking place in USA today. In spite of much protesting I switched off Harry Hill's TV Burp from SKY+ and put on Sky News so they could watch Barack Obama being sworn in as President.

Pickle : Is that him?
Me: No.
Pickle: Is that him?
Me: No.
Pickle: Is THAT him?
Me: No, that's a woman.

I explained that he was making a promise, similar to the ones Pickle and Picklesister made at Rainbows and Brownies. Good so far.

After watching this I checked Pickle's understanding of what she had just seen.

Me: Pickle? Who is that man?
Pickle: Um, um err...Gordon Brown?
Me: No, he is Barack Obama. What country is he now in charge of?
Pickle: CHINA!
Me: Close enough Pickle.
Pickle: Can we have Harry Hill back on now?


grumpyoldwoman said...

I am with Pickle on this one - I confess I have never had a political bone in my body - but I suppose the inauguration of the powerful man in the world is worth missing Harry Hill (especially as I cant stand HIM either).

Picklesmum said...

Can't stand Harry Hill?? He is growing on me quite a bit now!