Saturday, 24 January 2009

Russell in Suffolk

On Monday evening, with our babysitter happily installed, Picklesdad and I set off for The Ipswich Regent, to see RUSSELL BRAND, in only the 2nd date of his "Scandalous" tour.

We had good seats (12 rows from the front) but sadly were not allowed to take photos of the man in action, as there were several scary bouncers telling people off who tried.

When 'Sachsgate' broke I was worried this would be the end of Russell's tour, that he may not do a show. How wrong could I be! At least the first third of the show was 'Sachsgate' from Russell's point of view, not once did he bad mouth Mr. Sachs or his slightly unsavoury granddaughter, instead it was from the angle of how much of an over reaction there was from the media at the time and how much he enjoyed being the main topic on the Ten O'Clock news night after night.

Having since read some press reviews of this ACTUAL show, I am astounded at how much reporters make stuff up. One reviewer said there was a ripple of polite laughter at some of the jokes, and people were not finding the material funny. Was she in a different theatre, because from where I was sitting the WHOLE audience was in stiches for the entire 90 minute show.

After the show Russell did a brief walk around the foyer of the theatre where many many females of all ages were pushing and shoving to get closer to the man himself ( included!)
Picklesdad was in charge of the camera and managed to get this photo over the heads of all those people.

Thanks Picklesdad!

Russell Brand Shows 1 - Katherine Jenkins Shows 2




Ruby said...

Whoo hoo, good on Picklesdad for getting you the pic. Russel is even featured in the BFP this week, I believe ...!

Joy said...

It's always great when one goes to see someone and they're worth the money they paid for :D Glad you had a hoot!

Re Norwich Market - why did you get motion sick? :)

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