Monday, 2 February 2009

Only in England.....

...can just 2 inches of snow cause so much chaos. After following Fourpints adventures with his snowblower since before December, I am almost ashamed to post this about OUR snow.

After listening to Heart and Radio Suffolk this morning I eventually discovered both schools were to be closed today by word of mouth from one of Pickle's dinner ladies!

A big thanks (NOT) to Suffolk County Council's School Closure page which was down until the afternoon and to Pickle's Primary School for not telling the relevant people that the school was closed.

Ok, ranting over, Pickle and her sister today made their first ever SNOW ANGELS!
I am usually too scared of what lurks beneath the snow to let them make them, but today I thought 'why not?'

This is Pickle's Snow Angel.

The trains have somehow managed to keep running today, probably because they have 'SNOW PLOUGHS' attatched to the front and back of the trains.
Not seen those before.


Ruby said...

I love that snow angel! And yes, I keep thinking about Fourpints and his snowblower too, lol!

Hoffy Swims said...

That's England for you. We like to make a crisis out of a drama!.

(By the way - Paul Farmer always runs off like that when he sees someone he knows. He always runs away when he sees me!! LOL!)

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