Monday, 14 April 2008

Pickle's Adventures in.........


This is Munnings Tearoom in Lavenham named after the artist Alfred Munnings, where we had a fantastic lunch. Sandwiches, scones and CAKE! Thankfully it was coffee cake and not MORE chocolate cake! We had a HUGE pot of tea, which Pickle thought brilliant as we used a tea cosy. She had no idea what a tea cosy was, which I found a bit sad. Her comment made me realise I always make tea in a mug, so I shall be asking Picklesgrandma to knit us a tea cosy.

This is Pickle running down a very steep hill in Lavenham. Who said Suffolk is flat?

Now what was the highlight of Pickle's rip to Lavenham?

Was it?

A) The cakes and juice in the tea shop?
B) Running down a steep hill?
C) Visiting the church and more importantly GRAVEYARD to see lots of dead people?

Yes, it was C!

I worry about that girl sometimes.


21st Century Mummy said...

If you love cemeteries, there is a fab one in London that's worth a visit....Highgate, a wonderful homage to Victorian burials. Also if you get a chance to visit Paris, there are a few worth visiting there. Never knew I was so morbid. Anyway, glad that you had such a great tie in Lavenham ;-D

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL...Of course I meant...if Pickle loves cemeteries...(although I'm sure you would enjoy it too). :-D

Bury Boy said...

Dont forget the great churchyard behind the Norman Tower, there are some very good examples, I have golfing friend who insists on visiting the local grave yard when we are "on tour" I must amit to visiting many in france, italy, spain and portugal. Strange what we men do when we are away.
That said FM and I were lucky enougth to visit Argentina and BA and of course we had to see Eva Perons burial. morbid or what.... No I dont see any thing wrong with Pickle.

picklesmum said...

Thanks everyone, I shall start mappingout a Cemetery Tour for Pickle. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I think we have one in the village. That'll while away the 6 week summer holiday, looking at dead people!

Bury Boy said...

looking at people at peace with life. well its better than brass rubbing ?

seriously there are many many interesting facts on our grave stones, not only the writtern word but also the historitical aspect. There is some thing strange about staring at a grave of a person who died before 1799. It the sort of place you want to take an amercian...