Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Wow, A blog PRIZE!

Remember the blog party a couple of weeks ago? Well I won a PRIZE for hosting a party. A lovely lady from Luscious Little Treasures contacted me to tell me of my win and to get my details, so she could send me my prize.

Today it arrived, all the way from Atlanta in the USA!

What is it? Well it is described as a Ballerina Barrette Holder. The ballerina bit I got straight away but what is a barrette when it's at home? Well wiki says


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A barrette (also called hair-slide in British English or a hair clip in Australian English ) is a clasp or pin for holding hair in place, usually a woman's.

Barrettes are worn according to size, with small ones at the front and large ones in the back. They are used to keep hair out of the eyes but can also be just ornamental.

So now you know too.

Pickle loves the ballerina barrette holder loads, mainly because it is pink! So a massive thank you to Nissa at Luscious Little Treasures, you have made one little Pickle very happy!

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