Friday, 4 April 2008

Pickle's New Obsession

Pickle has been talking about a certain subject recently.

Case 1.

Location - Top floor of Park and Ride, double decker bus in Cambridge.

Pickle -LOOK!

Picklesdad - Yes Pickle?

Pickle Look what I can see?

Picklesdad - What can you see Pickle?


Picklesdad - Snigger! Um, Pickle? That's a cemetery!

Case 2

Location - Picklesgrandma's Kitchen

Pickle - Grandma?

Picklesgrandma - Yes Pickle?

Pickle - How old will I be when you die?

Picklesgrandma - ...................

Pickle - Grandma?

Picklesgrandma - Um, well, hopefully very very old!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, well handled Pickle's Grandma. At least Pickle didn't say, but you are old Grandma.

picklesmum said...

Jo - There was the time Pickle wanted to draw a picture of her Grandma but wasn't able to as she didn't have a white pencil for her hair! I don't know why she still comes to see us!

paul f said...

none of my electors is old - just mature

Rosie said...

Oh blimey. That's funny. I remember going through that stage!

picklesmum said...

It's reminded me of when Picklessister went through it. T'was the time the Queen Mum died. She thought it was very sad, then said with a gleam in her eye 'Can I see her?'. Am keeping my fingers crossed for Prince Phillips state of health now!