Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas 'Abroad'

Amongst the bag of glitter Pickle brought home from school today was this masterpiece. I remembered her teacher telling me they were covering Christmas in 'foreign' countries .

Me: This is a lovely picture, what is it of Pickle?

Pickle : Can't remember.

Me : Is it Christmas in another country?

Pickle : YES!

Me: Which country is it Pickle?

Pickle: Um, um, N, N, NORFOLK!

Me: Do you mean Norway Pickle?

Pickle: YES!

Norfolk IS a foreign country though isn't it?


21st Century Mummy said...

ah it's not the Norfolk Broads after all, what they mean is Norfolk I get it. ;-D

MarkG said...

I've just spent the weekend across the border in Norfolk. On Sunday we went to the Hippodrome Circus in Yaaarmuth. If you have any free time over Christmas it's well worth a visit as the show was fantastic!

Paul F said...

Norfolk? Try London, which amazingly has not been visited by quite a few local people. Try asking around to see.