Monday, 3 December 2007

Picklesmum has a School Lunch

Today I was invited with 7 other Mum's to a meeting with Pickles new teacher. From January, Pickle will be going to school FULL TIME - SOB! So today we met the headteacher, the reception teacher and most excitingly got to try a school lunch!

It was a day I have been wary of as Pickle is not known for her wide range of food consumption. Luckily they had cucumber so she was very happy. She ate this as well as a Yorkshire Pudding and her first COOKED carrot since she was an ickle Pickle! She was not keen on the bread as there was no salt in it (healthy eating) but she enjoyed the strawberry yogurt.

Picklesmum had cheese quiche, mashed potato (also without any salt), carrots and sweetcorn and 2 pieces of something crunchy with custard. Unfortunately it was not chocolate crunch but still nice all the same. It is nice to eat a meal I haven't cooked, even if it was only a school dinner.

Pickle will not be having a cooked school lunch very often, as I feel £1.80 for a piece of cucumber is a bit steep, plus she has already got her bright pink 'Bratz' lunchbox ready for January.


Ruby in Bury said...

Eeps, bread with no salt in it! Not surprised Pickle didn't want it!

How exciting for Pickle to visit her new school though and I'm glad there was Yorkshire pudding - yum! :-)

colin said...

mumm chocolate crunch and custard.