Saturday, 15 December 2007

A very brave Pickle.....

On Friday evening, Pickle had her pre-school booster injections.

As a parent this is not an easy decision to make. There is so much 'out there' about the possible side effects of the MMR vaccination, it is incredibly difficult to know what is the best thing to do.

We had Picklessister vaccinated and Pickle had an MMR jab when she was 13 months old, so we decided to have the pre-school vaccinations too. The proven facts about Mumps, Measles and Rubella are too strong to ignore.

We told Pickle what would happen, I don't believe in tricking her into going to the nurse. There were a few days when she said she would not have it done, but on Friday evening she proudly told her sister that she was having injections and she would get a present if she was brave. (I said I believed in not tricking her, I never ruled out blackmail!)

Pickle was happy in the waiting room, even getting impatient when it wasn't her turn.

The whole Pickle family descended into the nurses room (a total of 6 people including nurses), Picklesdad had the honour of holding Pickle on his lap and stopping her arms from moving. The nurses distracted Pickle with some stickers and on a count of three they injected her in both arms.

I waited in the corner waiting for the blood curdling scream, NOTHING, not a peep did Pickle make. There was not so much as a single tear, well not from Pickle anyway. Picklesmum was blubbing away in her corner.

The nurses were very impressed and said Pickle was the first one that day not to have cried.

What a brave Pickle. What a wussy Mummy!


21st Century Mummy said...

Brave little Pickle - and don't worry, you're not a least you are brave enough to go along. In our household, the pre-school booster appointment is the job for 21st C Dad

Bury Boy said...

This is going to sound very dated. But I remember lining up at scool for some injection or other as a class, with no parents just class mates. The current approach all seems a little molly codled to me, as if to much cotton wool and protection is at play. Then times have changed. as too I suspect have attitides and the desire to protect.

I am sure pickle was brave, but what will happen in later life when more serious injections are required. maybe thats the point. who knows.

I feel just a little bit out of touch, and in the good ole days

picklesmum said...

BB- Pickle is only 4!! I remember lining up for injections at school but I was 9 or older. The nurse said Pickles next injection should be the TB one but that is not done on NHS any more. If TB is not as common as it was in the past, surely this is due to vaccinations. If we stop those vaccinations won't the disease just make a return. Now we have to pay for this injection when the time comes.

Patricia said...

Dear Picklesmum, I remember those day so well with my two - I also sobbed when my first child received her first injection ! But you are right - as scary as they can be with the side effects some children develop - the diseases they protect against are much, much worse AND Yes, those diseases will make a 'comeback' if people don't vaccinate their children. The World Health Org. has a report out recently about some of the 'emergin nations' (or what we used to call third world countries in more unpoliticaly correct times) and how some of the formerly eradicated diseases are making a comeback due to lack of vaccinating children. It certainly can and does happen. So, as much as it hurts us sometimes more than the kids, good for you pickelsmum !!

Bury Boy said...

Ah I over looked little pickle was only four. I honestly cant remember which injections I had at that age, all I do recall is having most of the illness going round. I think we had single injections back then and if you were really lucky you could have them on a cube of sugar. ( dont suppose thats allowed now adays).
Brave pickle

What I do recall and still struggle with today is injections at the dentist, and the slow grinding drill.

A question why do we have to pay for TB injections while with the other hand we give them away free to the "third world" Is some politician playing games with our childrens future to save a few pence today.

picklesmum said...

BB- Thanks for clearing that up, I did think you were being a little harsh on Pickle!
I really don't understand why the other vaccinations have been stopped, MONEY, I expect.

21st Century Mummy said...

aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhh - did someone mention the dentist...I'm off at the thought of it......