Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year♦

Why oh why do I do the same EVERY year? That is buy too many 'goodies' to eat, then not let ANYONE touch them till the afternoon of Christmas Eve at the very earliest.

Now I am left 3 days into January with boxes of biscuits, chocolates, crisps etc. that still need eating up when it is JANUARY and I should be on another diet.


I am also a little concerned that 21st Century Mummy and Ruby are both gleefully blogging about their children going back to school today, when I am SURE that Pickle and Picklesister don't go back until Monday 7th January.

I can see the school from our house and there are lights on, but I am hoping it is a PD day for the teachers and not a back to school day.

Someone from either the primary or middle school would have phoned by now if they were supposed to be at school today?

Wouldn't they???


Florries Mum said...

I do exactly the same-gaily shouting 'you can't eat that, its for Christmas', then when Christmas arrives you are too stuffed to eat all the extras you have bought. Hence January arrives and you are left with mouldering mince pies etc, and I hate waste. BB is reduced to checking for mould before he eats anything-a bit of penicillin is good for you!
By the way, last time I saw you you did not need to diet. How much have you eaten???

picklesmum said...

Aw, Thanks, but I did big diet (last year) and lost 2 stone, I got under 10 stone for 1st time in sooooooo long. Now I have just tipped a quarter of a pound over 10 again!! And I still have 1.5 giant toblerones to eat!

21st Century Mummy said...

Wow'll have to let me into your secret. That is awesome...losing 2 stone I meant...but I suppose eating 1.5 giant toblerones is as well ;-D

I think it must be just some of the schools in the Bury cluster that have gone back today...I'm not sure if that's an apology or a celebration ;-)

Paul F said...

Relax PM (a bit late now!) 21Cm is right.

When out today and grumpliy complaining to Mrs F about children on the street, she said some schools were back today and others not till Monday - depending not just on "cluster" but "pyramid".

Sounds complicated to me. The council's calendar says Thursday, but obviously wrong for some. Guess it depends on when Baker days are taken - to us the old fashioned name for them.

picklesmum said...
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picklesmum said...

Thanks Paul, I too called them 'Baker Days' for ages, but there are only so many times I can stand the 'Dur Mum. They are called PD DAYS now' type comments from Picklessister.
We had that helpful calendar from Suffolk Council which had wrong dates on for our schools, also wrong at Easter too!

Hoffy said...

Hi PM - Happy New Year! My two went back to school on Thursday. Not sure about your area though. Hope you had a good one!