Friday, 1 February 2008

3 for the price of 1...

This post covers 3 topics from my and fellow bloggers posts and is therefore very environmentally friendly!

  1. Picklesdad's new diet.
  2. Rubbish Cooking.
  3. Losing weight.

After being inspired by The Rubbish Diet blog, I ventured into the back of my fridge to see what was lurking. It wasn't too bad, the worst I found was a slightly 'old' sweet potato that I had bought in a moment of madness and have no idea how to cook.
So I gathered all the veggies I could find that needed using up and made......SOUP!
I also added strange tin of mixed beans from back of the cupboard and 2 tins of chopped tomatoes and voila, low fat, yeast free, dairy free, SOUP!


21st Century Mummy said...

Great work when are we all coming around for tea?

Bury Girl said...


picklesmum said...

21stCM - Trust me there'd be enough!
BG - Thanks for that constructive critisim. What do you suggest then, given the criteria?

Bury Girl said...


Bury Boy said...

Careful BG, Picklesmum is a bury lass, trying her best to survive out in the sticks?.
They dont have regular bus transport out there you know, and its no longer safe to walk in to Town, there are no shops or few shops I should say , so PM has to conserve and make do. LOL
As for why she is a veggie you will have to ask her.

I must say PM as a confirmed meat eater, that soup looks rather tasty. Did you keep some for vistors ????

picklesmum said...

:( No, we are still working our way through the blessed stuff. I'm going for a pizza tomorrow when Picklesdad is at work!
We DO have a bus, regular, once a week I believe, probably a Wednesday, maybe pulled by a horse ;)