Sunday, 10 February 2008

A sunny Sunday

While Picklesdad was watching Rugby, the Pickles and I went for a walk across the fields near where we live.

My favourite spooky tree is still there...

and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, not too cold and lots of sun to make shadows with!

At the playground on the way back (probably the only reason Pickle agreed to coming) I took the chance to photograph some crocuses (?) that had been planted around the trees and village sign.


Bury Girl said...

V.nice - is one of your legs thicker than t'other??!!!!!!!!

Rosie said...

Spring has arrived - hooray!
I also noticed that you have one leg thicker than the other. Maybe I'm being unpolite by pointing that out. I would not mention it if I saw you in person I promise!!!

picklesmum said...

Oh dear, no the 'fatter' leg is just my bag containing juice to keep the Pickles going on such a grueling walk. What are you like!