Monday, 25 February 2008

Bad Mood

Apologies for my Meez being in a bad mood but like me she has had a PANTS week. Nothing to do with ACTUAL pants you understand, just a horrible week.

Some so called friends of Picklessister are being mean to her and she has been coming home in tears each night and I can't bear to see her sad.

So far this week things have been better. Let's hope it stays that way or I'll be visiting the school.

On a happier note

Picklessister has a county loaned Saxophone for lessons at school and to use for practice at home.
Oh deep joy!

Pickle is not impressed and shuts herself in the conservatory, shouting "It's too loud" and the mere sight of the case.

Tuesday evening is Pickle's parents evening, so I hope she has been a good girl. All will be revealed tomorrow!


Rosie said...

A saxaphone? Oh no! There can't be many instruments louder.
The situation with Picklessister is very sad. I feel angry on your behalf because I know how worrying it is when IJ comes home from school upset. Hope things improve soon.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I hope Pickle's sister is much happier now. Miss E had some problems a little while ago and we sorted it out in the end, but it's so hard not to go in and kick butt. I wouldn't, but I wanted to, I was so mad.