Monday, 4 February 2008

Picklesmums adventures......Across the border!

On Saturday, we were awoken early by an over excited Picklessister whose birthday it is this week. Instead of a party she wanted a family trip to a Build a Bear shop. The nearest ones are Colchester or Norwich, so we set off into NORFOLK with sat nav for Norwich. By the time we reached Thetford, all the cars on the opposite carriageway were covered in snow, but we were yet to see any on the ground. It wasn't until we reached the outskirts and the Park and Ride (take note Bury Councillors, Norwich has 6, yes 6 park and rides serving the city centre) that we saw our first snow of the year.

The car park was pretty treacherous but very pretty in the snow.

Much to Pickle's delight our bus was a double decker and more importantly to a 4 year old girl PINK!

After a coffee in Starbucks (other coffee venues are available) where Picklesdad had a soya latte (yuk) we went to the Build a Bear shop as Picklessister was about to explode with excitement.

For those of you who have not had the delight of a visit, I shall briefly explain it.

  1. You pick an empty bear skin (nicer than it sounds)
  2. You put in a plastic heart with special rubbing and wishing ceremony
  3. Stuff your bear
  4. Brush your bear
  5. Spend hours and hours and pounds and pounds choosing clothes for bear, from knickers and socks to skateboards and mobile phones
  6. Enter details onto their computer system so as to get 'birth certifiate' (and lots of mail outs from company)
  7. Pay for bear which is then packed into massive red box, to lug around Norwich for rest of the day!
  8. But you do have 2 very happy children and a lighter wallet.

So a fun day out was had by all, especially our new friends 'Sally' and 'Benji'.

Just a quick shot of Norwich's fancy updated market. I didn't venture inside as it you to give me motion sickness as it is all on the wonk inside!


Bury Girl said...

Do they do that in the Risbygate St bear shop???? (bit nearer!!!!!)

picklesmum said...

I think that shop closed, the one on corner of Nelson Road? They didn't do the making bit of the bear either.

david said...

PM - I first stood for election in Bury on 01 May 1997 and I advocated Park & Ride as an essential part of a modern rapid transit scheme. The Conservatives won the seat, so no Park & Ride.